How to Prune Trees During Winter and Fall? 

The best time to prune your trees is during late fall and early winter since the majority of the trees have lost their leaves and their actual structure is evident. Since certified arborists know how to determine the interior development of a tree, they will be able to determine any problems while making great trimming decisions. For this, we will provide you the facts you need to know in regards to the benefits of pruning during early winter and late fall: 


Importance of pruning 

You can guarantee your tree’s overall health by removing the diseased, dying, or dead branches. Basically, all trees will benefit from this process if regularly done. Moreover, pruning can boost the tree’s safety on your home since a professional arborist will get rid of unpredictable and weak branches. Large limbs and branches, which overhang your walkways, driveways, and your home must be provided an immediate action. You can also improve your home’s curb appeal with the help of pruning since it helps in controlling the tree size, making it well-proportioned. 

Best season to prune 

During the cold season, trees are normally in a dormant state, which makes it the perfect time to prune wounds so that they will be healed before the coming of new spring development. If you prune during the hot seasons, such as summer and spring, it is more dangerous since insects, fungi, and diseases usually tend to feast on fresh cuts. 

For trees that produce flowers or fruits, timing is particularly essential. If you want to achieve an improved flowering, the greatest time to prune them is early winter and late fall. But, for those trees that develop earlier during the development season, it would be recommended to trim them after they are in full bloom. 

Right place at the right time 

You need to understand first the trimming procedure before you attempt to prune because it would make a major impact on the structural integrity, beauty, and health of your trees. Determining the form of your tree in the late fall and winter months can help a licensed arborist to determine problems that could possibly be undetected, which makes this the perfect time to evaluate your tree for tree care. 

Contact Baton Rouge Tree Company’s arborists now 

If you suspect that your trees within your property are hazardous, the first thing you should do is to call a qualified a reliable tree care company that will immediately provide professional tree trimming Baton Rouge LA and maintenance and to protect your loved ones and your property. Our company will be willing to help you overcome your current problems regarding your tree we will be happy to provide you tips to help maintain your lawn and yard. After assessing your trees, the issues that will be found could be dealt with properly with the help of our professional and certified arborists. This way, you can preserve your tree and prevent possible accidents in the future. Contact us or visit our website now if you have suggestions and inquiries. 

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